Many ways to spread the word

(and limit the light)


Talk to your Neighbors

The best thing about light pollution is how easy it is to fix.  Approaching your neighbors to minimize the glare and light trespass that you experience on your property can be a good way to spread the love of the dark.  Staying pleasant, offering to help with any installation that a new light may require, and following up with a thank you can make the process smooth!

Face-to-face is usually the best way to communicate about most things.  If that won't work for you and your neighbor, the IDA has drafted a letter you might give to your neighbor.

Talk to City Maintenance

Lucky for us, SLC already partially supports Dark Sky-compliant lighting by recommending shielded fixtures; "On site lighting shall be located, directed or designed in such a manner as to contain and direct light and glare only to the property on which it is located."  *City Code 21A.24.010.K (residential) and 21A.26.010.C.2 (commercial).

If there is a city light that could be  better shielded, or needs to have a cooler color temperature (which means it looks orange/yellow), or if your conversation with your neighbor hasn't been successful, call Housing and Zoning: (801) 535-7225.


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Talk to City Council

Attend a Dark Sky SLC meeting to get some tips, make a plan, and then visit your local city council meeting to let your hard-working councilperson know that you're excited for their help in tackling light pollution.

Find details about your district here.