Light Pollution is a BIG Issue.

With the vast majority of human communities struggling to control their light pollution, we are grateful for the organizations doing what they can to contribute to preserving the disappearing dark.  While we work in solidarity with many, here are some with whom we overlap significantly. 

International Dark Sky Association

IDA is Dark Sky SLC's mothership, a non-profit 503(c) organization that works to help stop light pollution and protect the night skies for present and future generations.

The Consortium for Dark Sky Studies

The first academic institution of its kind in the world, the Consortium for Dark Sky Studies (CDSS) is dedicated to the discovery, development, communication, and application of knowledge across a wide range of disciplines and professional fields pertaining to the quality of night skies, growing light pollution and the varied human, animal, and environmental responses to the disappearing dark.

Tracy Aviary

Tracy Aviary inspires curiosity and caring for birds and nature, in and out of the classroom.  Their wide range of exhibits, educational opportunities, citizen science opportunities, and conservation science grants and projects represents the depth of their commitment to connecting people to 

The Center for the Living City

The Center's purpose is to expand the understanding of the complexity of contemporary urban life and, through it, promote increased civic engagement among people who care deeply for their communities.